Sim card for a week in the UK

I am traveling to the UK and will spend a week in Scotland. I will need a sim card for a reasonable amount of UK calls and about 5 giga data. Can anybody suggest a suitable sim?

Where are you from? If you’re in the EU you should be able to roam at no extra cost.

If not I’d recommend a 3 PAYG sim with the package bolt on.

can’t get a giffgaff sim for £20 for unlimited mins and text and 20GB data

You can get a giffgaff sim posted to a non-UK address so that you can have it topped up and ready to go from as soon as the plane touches down.

+1 for giffgaff. They’ve always been reliable for me.

Here’s a referral too, if you want it

Hi, I’m on giffgaff and want to share the love. Order a SIM to join me and we can chat for free. And you’ll get £5 extra credit when you activate with £10 or more.

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For convenience I’d also recommend Giffgaff, they’ll post a SIM abroad and you can top-up with a foreign card also , so all sorted as soon as you arrive.

Also they’re towards the cheaper end of options,

One point, ensure that auto renew on the bundle isn’t on (not the clearest imo) should be an option not to save the card details when topping up.

Use a referral link so you’ll get an extra £5 added (can take 24hrs) so you can call home with that credit , their international rates are cheap.

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Another for Giffgaff

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Whereabouts in Scotland? City or rural?

(cos if rural you may not have a signal anyway!)


Thanks for your informative replies. We’re going to Edinburgh for The Festival, our daughter is producing a play there.
I’ll most probably go with Giffgaff, not forgetting to turn off the automatic renewal.

Thanks again,



Ahhh excellent, have fun! Edinburgh is brilliant during the Festival (I’ll be there for a couple of days myself!)