GiffGaff FinTech Market

(Jarvo) #1

Anyone else recently been invited by GiffGaff into their discussions/desires to enter the FinTech market?

(Jack) #2

Not been invited but is there any indication what they’re moving into?

(Jarvo) #3

At present, account management, spend categorisation etc. Presume they are thinking of moving into banking.

(Eve) #4

I got an invite to moneyfit March and I know they’ve sent out blogger invites for another financial event, but I’m not sure what it’s about. I’m skeptical they’re actually creating a bank though? It sounds like such a bad idea

(Dan) #5

They offer free credit score/report, so they’re kinda already financially affiliated.

(Jarvo) #6

(Jarvo) #7

Definitely banking aspirations.

(#savetheseabass) #8

Sounds like it’s this

Mix of Emma/yolt with monzo marketplace idea




A mobile network that can’t even do mobile properly wants to make a fintech? What could go wrong. :joy::joy:


They’ve become such a bloated mess. Sim deals, selling handsets, loans(?!) and they can’t really do any of it particularly well.

Anyone know who’s doing a comparable or better Sim to their £10 SIM goodybag? Preferably a rolling 1 month one or a short contract length. I want out.


Three or EE? They both have one month contracts and personally I think EE is one of the best cartiers (it’s still “legacy” and far from what it could be, but it’s the best we’ve got).

Besides that why not a pay & go with automatic monthly top-up?


I’d quite like to go with Three but they have nothing comparable to giffgaffs contractless £10 a month for 4Gb of data. :face_with_monocle: Genuinely thought I’d get a better deal with a 12 month contract.


Genuinely thought I’d get a better deal with a 12 month contract.

Until they screw something up and you’re stuck with an unusable plan. Never sign up for 12 months.


Just checked and EE has a 15£/month pack on pay & go with 5GB of data and data rollover. Three has the same but with a lot more minutes included if that’s your thing (personally I’d go with a SIP client and a non-scammy provider like Twilio or Nexmo for the voice part).


Ooo tempting. Thanks :pray:


iD has some good deals too.

(Ben Wilkes) #18

GiffGaff the mobile provider? Did not know this. I need to start paying more attention.

(Dan) #19

Yeah, it’s pretty useful. I avoid paying for credit report where possible. I use TotallyMoney, ClearScore, Noddle, MoneySavingExpert Club, Creditwise, Experian CreditExpert and lastly GiffGaff money ( I’d like to know if I have missed any credit report companies (other than the paid for services such as Equifax, Experian & CallCredit).