Signal's CEO Just Hacked the Cops' Favourite Phone Cracking Tool

Thought this was an interesting read. Signal (the encrypted messenger) have hacked a tool used by police forces around the world (Celebrite) to get information from phones.

They found some interesting info, for example there’s tons of security issues in the software which can be used to basically render all data useless. This can be done via a file on the device… Which Signal may have added, just in case…

The company is also using Apple code without permission, I wonder what Apple would say to that.

All in all, quite an entertaining tongue-in-cheek response from Signal.


Loving the “completely unrelated” section at the end. Such scamps!


I also liked the ‘it fell off the back of a truck’ explanation :joy:


I also laughed it’s written really well.

Saw a comment that maybe people can appeal and overturn convictions where cellbrite was used now.

But they’d probably have to prove the vulnerabilities in court and not just send a link to a guy who claims he found one.


Definitely an interesting legal issue. If the data is that easy to corrupt, how can it be used as evidence?


I didn’t expect that to be funny! Good read.


Guess it’s where it comes from that matters - you can have 4K video footage of a house robbery from CCTV that’s not admissible as it’s ‘not clear enough to be used’ but super grainy and crappy hospital CCTV footage that’ll be used to convict


I’ve been skipping reading this topic for a few days, as I similarly was not really expecting that

What a total mess this could be for all involved