The internal product for COps

I remember seeing a picture a while back of what COps currently see. If I remember rightly, there were a few recent transactions, along with some box type widgets.

Does anyone know where to find what I’m thinking of? Interested to see it again, but despite a lot of digging, I just can’t find it…

Bonus question: if anyone from Monzo is reading this, I’m sure I’m not the only one that would like to see an updated photo! I understand if you have reasons for not doing that, though.

We see quite a lot! Are you referring to anything in particular?

Thanks for the quick response :smile:

I think it was some sort of sidebar alongside the in-app chat conversations. Pretty sure it was shown in an Open Office.

Worth explaining the reason for asking - the Vision and Principles that were shared are really cool, and I’m trying to take inspiration from them for my own projects. I’d love to steal some ideas from your UI, too.

Our basic sidebar looks like this, and you can expand each of the headers for more information. (this is just a few of them :see_no_evil:)

We have an internal designer looking at this and trying to make it easier and more flowy - as we’ve just added more panels when we get more features. You can imagine that won’t be terribly sustainable as we grow!



Thank you so much! Less exciting than I remember, so not sure if I’m misremembering, or just thinking of something else. Still fun to see though.

Are you thinking of this?

Watch from 25 mins. It’s from over a year ago so that’s something to keep in mind.


I was! Lots of brownie points for you :heart:


it does look like that now! I’m just concerned about data privacy :wink:


That’s really interesting to see how it works! I figured there was some sort of canned response system, but didn’t realise it would be that streamlined! :rocket:

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That was a really interesting watch! Thanks :blush:

You’ve got all these videos listed on a spreadsheet don’t you? There’s no other explanation how you always have the right Monzo video. With subject time stamps


That’s a really cool insight. Thanks for sharing!

Happy Birthday @Rat_au_van ! :birthday:


Thank you :blush:

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