Joint account feedback - payments to contacts


Not sure if this has already been fed back or not. Apologies if this is a duplicate.

I recently joined Monzo and opened a joint account with my wife.

She has made a couple of payments from the joint account to friends who also have Monzo accounts and are in her contacts.

On my wife’s phone these payments show up on the Home screen as payments to a person/name. On my phone these show up as payments to a phone number, presumably because these people are not in my contacts. However if I view the Payments screen then the two people show up as recent payees by name and not phone number.

There’s a few bits of feedback for this:-

  1. It would be good to have a consistent display of payees for both holders of a joint account and not be reliant on whether the payee is in your contacts or not.
  2. There should be consistency between screens within the app i.e. the Home screen and Payments screen should both display the same text for the payee, not one a phone number and the other a name.
  3. I’m unsure if there’s any privacy implications with displaying someone’s phone number to someone who doesn’t already know it i.e. if I don’t have the phone number/contact details for someone that the other joint account holder does and they make a payment/transfer have they consented to their contact details being shared with me? It might be better to consistently display an account name or alias rather than someone’s contact info.