Include Round Ups in Budgets / Summary

I use the ‘rounding up’ function to round up to the nearest £ and put the difference into a saving pot. However, this rounding up ins’t reflected in ‘Summary’, and therefore what ‘Summary’ shows as my remaining budget for the month isn’t the same as what I have remaining in my account, due to the rounding up. Could this be changed so ‘Summary’ matches what I’ve got left in my account?

Hi Tom,

The summary only reflects the amount that you have available to spend as the round ups in your pot meant to be your savings.
I’m not sure I have understood your question correctly though. :thinking:

Hi there,
Thanks for your reply :slight_smile: What I’m basically after is for the round up to be reflected in my summary.

Where in your summary? Do you mean in the left to spend? I have mentioned how left to spend should deduct money sent to pots previously but was told it isn’t considered spent because it is still in the account (which technically it is)

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At the moment your ‘left to spend’ is the amount is in your main account . Your pots balance isn’t included in this amount.
On iOS you can click on each transaction and you can see how much round up was added to your pot. If you need to see your deposit history and your round up history to a specific pot you can access it from the Summary page. You will need to scroll down, find the pot and click on it.
On Android you are able to see the history of the pot from the main Pot page.

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Yes exactly, in the ‘left to spend’ bit. That’s a shame they won’t deduct transfers to pots from there :confused:

Depends if you set budgets :wink:

I have budgets set of say £200 a month and I have locked pots, personally I would want left to spend to tell me that gone to pots money was ‘spent’ - if I have £200 and I put £50 a pot and left to spend tells me I still have £200 it renders the feature kind of pointless…

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Really ? I’ve just moved £20 over to my pot and that got deducted from my left to spend balance.
I’m confused :thinking:

Sure, I can understand that if you’re moving money into pots manually, but it’d be really handy if that money moved over automatically via rounding up would come out of the budget too :slight_smile:

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I wonder if this is an Android/iOS variation or if it is budget vs balance in left to spend total.

But for example I had a £200 budget this month, I have £41 in by main account, yet £92 left to spend as it has ignore the £50 I sent to pots.

It could be. On iOS my understanding is that the “left to spend” is up to date , and it has all the round ups already deducted . So that is your current available balance to spend. “The spent today” bit is not reflecting the round ups, as that money is not spent. It is saved. Probably this is where my confusion was coming from.
I had to switch back to the old nav to see this, because in the new nav you are unable to see the “spent today” bit. :upside_down_face:

I’m on new nav, and summary is there but hidden behind a little button.

I turned off my budget and it reflects the £41 left to spend, so I think it is a poor implementation of how summary handles pot transfers. I’d want my budget to reflect the fact I don’t want to spend that money regardless of if it was a manual transfer of a round up.

I’d really like this as Ive started leaving my spending budget only in my main account to lessen the temptation to spend it. It gets a little confusing when roundups cause my balance be out of sync with my left to spend budget though.

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This roundup issue not reflecting in budgets is what I’m also experiencing.

On Android and new navigation here.

Let’s say I have an “eating out” budget set for £100 but also have roundups turned on.

Let’s say for example i make a regular purchase that is £1.10 {dodgy work coffee}

30 coffees later and that’s £33

However it will roundup 90p on each transaction.

Over 30 transactions thats £27 based off my high school level maths.

My budget bar for eating category will now say I have £67 pounds remaining after spending £33.

I use a “eating out” pot I’ve created to keep the money set aside and not in the main account.

So I then “refund” each eating out transaction to the current account to keep it balanced.

The only issue is there now is that I’ve actually “spent” £60 on those dodgy coffees (30 @ £1.10 + 30x.90p roundups}

So my budget thinks I’ve £67 pounds remaining for dodgy coffee - where in reality, thanks to roundups I actually only have £40.

Possibly just needs some slider on roundup pot that lets user choose “roundups affect budget” or the likes?

My 2p worth (including 98p roundup obviously) :joy:



So it’s working as expected and reporting what you actually spent. You’ve not spent those roundups - they’re still in your account, granted a ring fenced part but they’re still there.
Not saying there’s no value in adding the option you suggest, just that you’re probably in a (very small) minority who desire it to work differently.


In a minority…extremely likely.

But as it stands, monthly budgets and roundups don’t work hand in hand.

I would assume most people use roundups as a method of savings or end of the month saviour…

However, If 2 pounds go out of the account listed as “groceries” for example…I expect 2 pounds to be subtracted from the groceries monthly budget.

Where the roundups go or are used is merely an aside to the transaction.

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That would break budgeting. If you had £100 as your budget and £40 was allocated to groceries, £40 to shopping and £20 to bills, where would the round ups come from? You’d be over what you wanted to spend constantly so saving would become a noticeable thing

Completely agree.

If round ups are not included in Budgets then they effectively save nothing for people sticking to a budget.

The Round Ups money is just moved around not saved.


I personally think round ups are working correctly. My budget should represent how much I actually want to spend under that category. The round ups are not categorized. You should think of them as small transfers to a pot triggered by making purchases. If your balance doesn’t have the leeway for these small transfers, then round ups are not for you.

Using this logic, the money in your piggy bank is just moved around not saved.

Hadn’t thought of that way of looking at, can definitely see that point. Probably increases the size of the minority I assumed the OP was in.