Show educational scam / fraud warnings in the app

Something I like about Nationwide’s app is it will periodically show messages educating/warning customers about various strategies used by fraudsters to part you with your money:

The message can be tapped for more details or can be dismissed to get rid of it.

I think Monzo should consider doing something similar within the Monzo app.

I suppose for those who don’t want it there could be an option toggle within settings to disable.

Monzo doesn’t really have this type of screen - I don’t know where you could have this without pissing off the customers.

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Natural place within Monzo app would be the home tab main transaction feed I reckon.

It’s already used for other types of messages which aren’t really transactions - e.g. end of year summary of spending, summary of overdraft fees for current month, etc

Would it make any difference?

A security code by text usually says never to give it out but people still do. What difference would another banner really make?


Could be useful for Monzo to do something like that by putting a “We will never call you. If you receive a phone call from ‘Monzo’, it isn’t us.” message in the feed.


I suspect people overlook those type of warnings because they’re induced into an emotional/worried state by the scammer in the moment so to speak.

Providing periodic messages to educate people when in a calm state of mind could help I think. Also, my suggestion would be to provide education about broader financial scams (e.g. like the Nationwide message above), not just those where you’re coaxed into making a one-off payment payments or account access.


Monzo already have warnings in the bank transfer payment flow etc.

Yet people still click blindly through them etc.

This will just annoy the vast majority of users - especially when you consider how annoyed some people were about a tiny part of a plus card appearing in the carousel as an advert.


That basically indicates to me the strategy of warning people whilst a scam is taking place is not sufficient. More general education could be beneficial.

Also, as noted earlier the suggestion isn’t just about avoiding payment scams

Or, that the scammers tell people hastily to click through these screens etc.

Have you seen the screen? You literally have to scroll down it, and click “Yes, I know this is legit”, and it has big warnings etc.

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You can add as many warnings, pop-ups, force-reads etc etc as you wish, people will still ignore them and give money to people they shouldn’t.

Meanwhile, every single extra step is annoying to everyone else.

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That’s just confirming my point

Yea. I don’t think the banking app is the place to put educational information. People will ignore it, or it’ll annoy a lot of users that go into the app and add clutter.

I’m for better financial education as a whole to people, and more proactive involvement by the police in terms of this type of fraud. But neither of these are there.

That’s an opinion, but Nationwide has been doing this for a long time; my opinion is the the information is useful rather than annoying. I’m finding I’m much more likely to read something that occasionally appears on the main screen of the bank app than I am something that is always present in the payment flow (I think you become blind to things that are the same each time you use it) or something that comes in an email or letter.

On the annoyance and clutter - the suggestion would be for it to be dismissible rather than sticky and it could also be solved by allowing people to opt out of such messages, similar to the option to opt out of news and updates.

Nationwide and Santander do this, and, while I consider myself knowledgeable about these things, they don’t annoy me at all. In fact, I think it’s good that they are there, even if one person is saved from the stress of being scammed, to me, that’s worth a couple of dozen people being a bit annoyed.

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No and nope, I don’t want the place cluttering up with useless information. I’ll argue that most users would just dismiss the notification and that’s it gone.

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I got the following in my app a week or so ago. Anyone else?

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Yeah I got that

Thought they could have been a bit more “this is 100% definitely a scam”

Nope, I never got this notification :thinking:

I got that (only on Personal account though, not Joint account), didn’t tap on it and then noticed the next day it had gone, so couldn’t educate myself.

Where did it take you when you tapped on it?
For me, it took me to the “Fraud and staying safe online” help category, so basically to a list of articles rather than a specific article.