Trusting A Payee

Whenever I try to pay my credit card balance from Monzo I get a warning telling me that Monzo “couldn’t check the account”.

I appreciate the reason for this message, but it would be useful to be able to “Trust” a payee, so that once this message has been acknowledged we don’t get it again… even more useful would be the ability to associate a payee with something, like from a list:
“I trust this payee because they are a credit card”,
“I trust this payee because they are family”,
“I trust this payee because they are my window cleaner”… etc.

It’s an important thing to consider as part of User Interface design. If you desensitise your user to a warning message they will eventually just acknowledge it, because their muscle memory is trained to click past the message, so you should only show the warning for a new payee, or when a payee is being used for the first time in a while, or if the payee has been identified as suspect.

I doubt it’s allowed and even if it is, it goes against the whole point of it.

If I convince you to pay me once and tick the box to say you know me, it’s all fine that it doesn’t match etc etc. Then next time you’re not going to get that warning or the chance to have another think if you really should be doing this.

Lots of scams are take the money once, but many of them are about the long term and taking a bit at a time.

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Quite possibly because the receiving bank name isn’t as you put it, so may be worth clarifying.

It’s like that here at mbna, account name rarely matches because it’s a Lloyds Bank account.

At the very least, asking you this every time, as annoying as it is, offsets the risk of someone gaining access to your phone and changing the payee details without your knowledge or consent.

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That’s fair, but when you’ve made several payments every month for a few years to the same payee, I kinda feel like the system should allow for me to say “I’m ok sending this payee money”.

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Absolutely, I’d expect if the payee details changed that it would warn me…
Currently if someone changed the details I wouldn’t notice because it warns me every time.


To be honest, amending payee details ought to be one of those actions that require your pin to sanction, just like sending a payment. Get that in place and I’d be all over this idea if they’d be allowed to do it.

But yes, I agree, if you’re fatigued by the prompts, you’re not likely to notice a change and will just be trying to tap your way through. Which sort of defeats the purpose of these things.


I’m not sure about trusting a payee… but when I pay my AMEX from Starling they tell me that the account has been checked okay, but monzo says cannot check the account given the same details… in fact it looks like monzo does not even try to check the payee.

If Starling can check it, why can’t Monzo?

(with me it always seems to be accounts held at Lloyds)

The point about desensitizing people to pressing ok is real… anything that normalises this behaviour has to be a concern…

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