Monzo Security App

Someone experienced a lot this month from hackers to app errors to having transfers affected or diverted to even someone getting into her account and ordering a new card to a address with her details they then locked her out off her own account and changed the email to obtain and order a new card. They obtained her phone number and rang from a phone number that looked like monzo’s number but some how hid their number from showing. So I was wondering if monzo would make a app which would offer TOTAL PROTECTION for our banking with MONZO.

  • security app for the banking app - anti phishing - anti malware viruses - alerts to your phone for when someone is on the app or account online - allows you to enable secure payments or transfers and also keep true layer protection as it is already - other features such as anti theft or large amount off payments over 100 pounds to authenticate a purchase this could be customizable in the app to a number you will spend. Any other opinions or comments write below please.

I’ll simply say I’m calling bluff on this one


No bluff action fraud are involved it’s just a idea for better safety with people becoming more vulnerable to hackers with more online users day by day.

can you make an app that offers TOTAL PROTECTION and still be usable, surely if you offer TOTAL PROTECTION the intelligent scumbags find a way around it ?

It won’t just be as black and white as you’re saying no doubt, there’s a long list of things mentioned there they had to go wrong and some of them would be the customer disclosing pin number and also falling for a scam over the phone.

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Even if that’s not achievable there are still some opinions like getting a phone notification to say someone’s entered your app or account or something like that to show someone’s online (is this you pop up on your phone)

You do kind of get this, by the fact that you have to click an email link to get into the app. So in theory, if you get notifications for your emails, you’ll get one saying you’ve got a Monzo link.

I agree but that tends to be a one time thing by adding the app to your phone as for hackers, or phishing scams it would be nice for authorisation off a payment or to tell you if your online maybe.

You can’t transfer money out of the app without knowing the pin number for the card

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Recent viruses have or can somehow obtain this.

Proof please, what’s the source for this.

If this said customer has had payments transferred out of said account then they have exposed there own pin number, nothing Monzo can do about that

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All the apps deleted off her phone she installed anti viruses nothing was found, she installed monzo a error message popped up she rang monzo to say she can’t get in her app monzo changed her password a card was being delivered to a address used from another email, hence fourth why action fraud are involved for privacy concerns I can’t name people can I you can ignore this or be polite about the idea, it’s just a idea to help the community better or make them feel more secure.

Buy and iPhone or dont install every free game apk for Android…
2FA on your email as well…

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I’m trying to follow this but it’s like swimming through mud.

Could you perhaps bullet point a timeline?


I’m simply pointing out holes in your story, nothing more nothing less. At no point have I not been polite.


She has a iPhone and 2fa was on like I said her phone number was affected as well messages and calls diverted which Is why it might be a good idea for a security app made directly for this app to secure the monzo phone number when making a call or chats if the app is affected or other phone problems

This how I felt when I was with her we didn’t have a clue what was happening when it started or why but it was very strange.

Monzo don’t use passwords though?


For the app you do need a password to log in