Should Monzo just do a Starling

(Myles Carey) #21

Well put. Both sides of the argument will hopefully take notice of this.

Sensible discussion is needed please!

(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #22

So it could close at some point then just not any time soon?



Given the rest of the post, I suspect this was understatement! :slight_smile:

(Micky) #24

Not sure why someone would even suggest this. If you feel the community forum isn’t for you, then can’t you just avoid using it? Rather than suggesting that it be removed for everyone

(Richard) #25

No, this forum is fantastic not just for Monzo feedback but also general feedback and advise from other users. This is a nice community that I enjoy being a part of.

I’ve never flagged any posts, does it ask for a reason why when flagging? Because some of the flagged posts seem to be a bit pointless, more like a protest than anything else.

The way I see it, if you want this forum closed down, don’t come on here. Simples (as if there is no meerkat emoji!!!)

(Nick) #26


Flagging on discourse is good as it also punishes those who are deliberately flagging posts in bad faith.

So long as the moderators do their job the bad flags end up marking those accounts as untrustworthy.

Discourse also has multiple options for sanctioning people who are breaking the rules or behaving in bad faith. It gives moderators plenty of options to sanction people without outright suspending them first.

The tools are quite good if used properly, there basically should be very little consistent false flagging.


That is a whole other point and also as subjective as the flagging


Moderators should follow the coc and guidelines on handling different types of issues.

For flags it’s not just agree or disagree.

Agreeing with a flag with mark the flagged user negatively and the flagged positively. Disagreeing will do the opposite, but you can also ignore a flag where there is no malicious intent but the flag was also wrong.

Subjectivity is why you also have multiple moderators to issues can be reviewed. Marking flags as bad should only be done when the flag was clearly malicious.

(Caspar) #30

If threads annoy you, mute them. Don’t get involved for the sake of it. Everyone’ been on the internet long enough to have learned this surely.

I don’t even bother opening a lot of them unless the title is of interest. There are some users that get my back up as soon as I see they’ve contributed to some topics, but I just move on. It’s really not worth expending any mental energy on.


Kind of amazed there isn’t a user-muting thing in Discourse, unless I’m missing it. I’d use the hell out of it.

(Jordan) #32

If it was to shut (Simon’s said it won’t) but I think it would be a huge loss for the community and Monzo.

Both sides need to have an open discussion - disagreement is natural and a perfectly positive part of this community. The issue is when either - one side just blanket states something and doesn’t want to engage or that things get personal or so entrenched that it becomes a pointless conversation.

Criticism is good and so is positivity about what Monzo are doing so lets just try and have some value-adding discussion.

(Graham - Mental health professional) #33

The forum is an essential part of Monzo and the success of the bank is every bit to do with that community.

And before anyone suggests it, shifting to Facebook (Tandem) or Twitter (other banks) as a means of communication won’t cut it.

(Though I’m sure no-one will suggest it, anyway :grin:)

(Jordan) #34

I completely agree - I was more addressing the OP general topic about asking whether it should be shut.

I think having a vocal community is great - but where there is no criticism isn’t a good thing but where the criticism isn’t provided in a constructive way is also just as bad - I think we need to try and have more reasoned discussion!

(Graham - Mental health professional) #35

And the vast majority of the discussion, of course, is just that. This stuff often seems to come in phases. People have an unfocused grizzle, for whatever reason, then run out of steam (with any luck).

Of course, not engaging is a fine strategy, but unfortunately difficult at times to do - oxygen for the flames :smirk:.

(Jordan) #36

Oh 100% its definitely recently (I’m looking at you Monzo Plus) which has sparked this sort of response and there are some very reasoned (if a little heated) discussion there which is great because it shows how passionate people are!

Definitely but then it could stifle some discussion which is just as bad :slightly_frowning_face:

(Graham - Mental health professional) #37

I was thinking here more about not responding to the ranting. In all other respects, engaging is the life-blood.

(Dan) #38

Here’s me thinking this was a forum for adults :thinking:

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(Emma (still not the app)) #40

We’ve been discussing this on slack over the weekend. Ignoring doesn’t work as a strategy