Should I switch or not

Thinking about switching to monzo after using the money management tools
,but I am on the fence after reading the negative reports about account closures.

Anyone switched to full monzo recently , and what’s your advise


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If you’re a heavy cash/cheque user, I’d probably look to an alternative but otherwise Monzo are a stand-up option.

If you google “Bank name account closed” you’ll find reports of every single bank closing accounts. But just like Abraham Lincoln said “Most people lie on the internet”, so I’d take them with a punch of salt.

You don’t have to move and put all your eggs in one basket either. Open an account with Monzo and use it for your extra spending or something, then if you like it, then you move everything other. That’s what I and lots of others have done.


Thanks for your input ,

Abraham Lincoln about Internet, that was funny :smiley:




Take the plunge as I did, had a terrible experience with a high street bank! Monzo hasn’t let me down, every bank has its pros and cons. I always regard 80% online reviews as trolling and make my own mind up (or ask a friend/family).

I use starling as a spare…Monzo for me has been a godsend!


Starling for cheque imaging; Smile for the joint account which the mortgage is paid from (because it has an overdraft facility “just in case”; credit/charge cards across Visa/Mastercard/Amex networks.

But me and wife both have main current accounts with Monzo, plus joint account for shopping/fuel/joint savings. We were also one of the first 100 business accounts with Monzo for the business beta.

Significant amount of money with Monzo, and far happier than with high street banks for both personal and business banking.


I’ve just switched from First Direct and could not be happier

Not written a cheque in over two years and don’t really use cash that much and the fact that the app and interface is way ahead of any other organisations I bank with I won’t miss FD as they aren’t as top notch as they once were and don’t offer anything unique.

Got Starling for back-up for Cheque Imaging just in case I get a cheque but can’t remember the last one I had


I was with monzo for over 2 yrs then left which was a mistake ive just returned and had no second thought about #fullmonzo


Thanks Danny , switched to monzo a while back and I like it

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You’d only have your account closed (as a very last resort) if you’ve been up to no good and they found damaging transactions and/or fraudulent activity or similar, so nothing really to worry about otherwise.

All banks can close accounts, but there is generally always a reason, and people only shout and scream to the paper and socials because they believe they did nothing wrong, however, it’s most likely they did.

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Your first post mentions account closures.

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Ah , didn’t read all the way to the first , my apologies @Carlo1460

@Revels thanks for correcting :+1:

No probs, I didn’t realise this was an ancient post anyway :joy:

All banks can close accounts, but if they do you can switch to another one in 7 days with all direct debits transferred and payments redirected. Just go with what suits you now, with a spare current account or credit card at a different bank to carry you through any problems.

I’m more than happy with Monzo, I’d much rather be with a bank that puts money into useful app features than than one that has to pay for a netwwork of branches I’ll never use.

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