Should I be worried? (Skegness transaction reported as Spain)

I just used a Morrisons contactless car wash in Skegness UK and the app says Welcome to Spain and says I am in Valencia!

Is this normal!? I am not in Spain!

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was the amount for the price of the car wash ? or was it a random amount , if for a random amount I would freeze my card in the app and query the transaction , if it was for the amount you were expecting I would leave it , maybe keep an eye on your notifications over the next few days and be prepared to freeze it and query it / order a new card

I washed mine in Morrisons, Aberystwyth, according to the app map, yet never left the Midlands.

You win with Spain :rofl:

EDIT: and my local Morrisons supermarket is shown as being in Neuilly-sur-Suize, France, in my Starling app :man_shrugging:

Sounds like a Morrisons merchant location data issue tbh


When you left the car wash and returned to the UK were you asked for a passenger locator form by border force?

In all seriousness though, click on the transaction, if the location shows Spain and it’s a transaction you’re sure you made then you don’t need to worry, it’s just a data issue. You can report it by scrolling down and tapping ‘Improve name or logo’ and providing the correct location.

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Did you use the physical card, or mobile payment, ie Apple Pay or Google Pay?

Reason I ask is because today I bought something from Morrisons and, as I mentioned in previous post, it alluded that I was actually in France. Google Pay, however, shows the merchant location correctly :thinking: (Starling account)