Should I be worried? (Skegness transaction reported as Spain)

I just used a Morrisons contactless car wash in Skegness UK and the app says Welcome to Spain and says I am in Valencia!

Is this normal!? I am not in Spain!

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was the amount for the price of the car wash ? or was it a random amount , if for a random amount I would freeze my card in the app and query the transaction , if it was for the amount you were expecting I would leave it , maybe keep an eye on your notifications over the next few days and be prepared to freeze it and query it / order a new card

I washed mine in Morrisons, Aberystwyth, according to the app map, yet never left the Midlands.

You win with Spain :rofl:

EDIT: and my local Morrisons supermarket is shown as being in Neuilly-sur-Suize, France, in my Starling app :man_shrugging:

Sounds like a Morrisons merchant location data issue tbh


If you’re at all concerned and don’t need to use your Monzo card, it may be worth freezing it for now.

You could then keep an eye on the transaction and decide in a day or two whether you need to report any issues to Monzo or if you’re fine to unfreeze the card.

When you left the car wash and returned to the UK were you asked for a passenger locator form by border force?

In all seriousness though, click on the transaction, if the location shows Spain and it’s a transaction you’re sure you made then you don’t need to worry, it’s just a data issue. You can report it by scrolling down and tapping ‘Improve name or logo’ and providing the correct location.

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Did you use the physical card, or mobile payment, ie Apple Pay or Google Pay?

Reason I ask is because today I bought something from Morrisons and, as I mentioned in previous post, it alluded that I was actually in France. Google Pay, however, shows the merchant location correctly :thinking: (Starling account)