Issue with budget Summary

Hi. I’m a bit confused with the budget summary section. I hope I explain this properly…

So I know that you can choose which categories that you want to be part of your budget. I have bills, entertainment, finances, holidays, transport, eating out, groceries, personal care set up with a budget which all ads up to £2087. The summary then says I have £473 left of £2087 which makes sense.

Now when I change the budget and turn off bills and finance from the categories I’ve chosen. Then when I lower the budget to £896 which excluded the bills and finances it then says in the summary I have £0 left of £896

So my question is why is the £473 not showing up anymore and why is it saying £0 left when I obviously still have money in there?

Perhaps you’re misunderstanding the use of it.

Summary is essentially you’re disposable money after bills (committed spend). Committed spend is excluded in your budget.

May I ask what you’re figures are from the screenshot? You will see from mine, my remaining amount is the budget total (£850) - disposable income (I’ve spent £450) after bills, which leaves £399. If I was to lower my summary like you to say, £450. £450 budget - £450 of spending is £0.

Hope that makes a bit of sense?

Edit: I could have £50,000 in this account. But if I have a budget set of £850, and I spend £850. SUMMARY will show as £0. Even though I would technically have £49,150 remaining in my account.

Hey, thanks yes didn’t take into account the spending bit but figured out if you just exclude the transactions from the summary that you dont want then they wont show up