Shoppers face new £132 cap on tap-and-go card payments


Did everyone miss this bit?

"The new rule comes into effect in September 2019 in an attempt to crack down on fraud. "

Brexit kicks in 6 months earlier… surely we’re not going to be affected by this new crazy rule?

(Andy) #22

Many EU laws are being copy and pasted over to UK legislation…



(Rika Raybould) #24

As far as I’m aware at this stage, it shouldn’t affect Apple Pay or Google Pay. It should only affect what are known as no CVM (Cardholder Verification Method. Think signature, PIN, biometric, etc.) contactless transactions, where you tap the card on the reader and no other checks are performed.


Thanks for that clarification @Rika :grin:

(Cameron Bowden) #26

At banks I have previously worked for they already have their own limits before contactless will ask for an online authorisation. I.e not a number of taps but a value that when surpassed the card will ask for an online auth. This is to stop for example someone with a £10 balance using contactless all day and then when reconciled becoming overdrawn.

(Liam W) #27

But Google Pay goes through as no CVM when used when the device is locked (and the vast majority of the time when the device is unlocked as well, my guess being that no CVM is higher priority on Google Pay’s list, so it used as opposed to CDCVM).


(Andre Borie) #28

This should not affect mobile payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay - this is purely for payments where no CVM (cardholder verification method) is used.

Apple Pay and Google Pay can both use CDCVM which should bypass this limitation and authorise the transaction (among other things, like authorising past the 30£ limit in the UK).

(Michael) #29

And some car parking machines only support contactless (or change, but who carries actual money these days?!)

(Tony Hoyle) #30

In theory… Most shops I’ve been to use CVM for everything for example Asda enforcing a strict £30 limit on contactless even via the phone.


I work at a till and often when it refuses contactless people are like I have X amount so why didn’t it go through, that number is always very low, so it looks like alot of banks force a pin when the balance is low.

(Adrian Hardy) #32

Ugh this is terrible…