Contactless transactions before PIN required

I find the current 10 contactless transaction before pin validation is required limit hugely frustrating and hard to keep track of! This often means the first time I become aware I’ve reached the limit is when my card is declined. Would be great if Monzo could build something which allows me to keep track of this to ensure I use the Chip and Pin without the embarrassment of a decline

I’ve never been asked for a PIN when using my card for contactless? And I’ve used it hundreds of times…


The thief that stole my card managed to use it about 20 times whilst I was alseep…! I wish the 10 limit was enforced to be honest!!

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Not something that I’ve experienced using either a Monzo card or First Direct before I moved across. Wasn’t aware there was supposed to be a limit.

I’ve experienced it a few times, particularly when making a large number of low value transactions. I don’t mind that it happens as I like the security it gives, but would like to know when it’s about to happen. Either that, or it’s happened to me by coincidence.

May have been one of my other banks in NI who imposed a 10 transaction before pin verification rule. Not a bad thing though

Given this thread was started because reaching the limit is irritating, I’d say maybe it is a bad thing. :wink: I’d prefer the bank’s anti-fraud mechanisms to impact me as little as possible. And any fraudulent contactless charged after a theft should be quickly refunded.

Is that 10 times a day?

As I think I have only had to enter my pin once.

What about things like android pay do they count towards the 10?

I’ve never experienced this issue, although I visit mostly the same shops every day so maybe It doesn’t flag any anti-theft measures?

I don’t think I’ve used my PIN in months, not sure what is triggering you needing to?

This is from the VISA website though no specific number is given

  • If your card does fall into the wrong hands, the maximum amount per transaction is £30, and after repeated payments, the person will be asked for a PIN. For payments over £30, authorisation is required, so nobody can make purchases without your PIN or mobile phone passcode.

The only time I’ve ever had to use my PIN for contactless was in Poland. Didn’t make note of how much I’d spent atthe time though.

I dont think it is anything to do with the amount - if it is above £30 it will always need a pin (At least in the UK)

I think it is to do with how frequently you do the transactions. So if you do a lot of £20 transactions all one after the other the bank will ‘freeze’ your contactless so you have to use the pin

You can overcome that by using Apple Pay which allows you to pay more than the contactless limit, but it depends on the merchant At Shell I can pay over £60 with Apple Pay, however at Tesco they do not allow over £30. So it depends.

Yes but I think we are talking about contactless card payments not mobile pay systems as we are talking about having to enter the pin sometimes

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