Shoppers face new £132 cap on tap-and-go card payments

Shoppers will be asked to enter their PIN numbers after five contactless transactions in a row

there should of been something like this since the beginning and don’t know why now they coming up with this


There has been a lot of contactless abuse at fuel pumps, maybe that prevailed the regulations?


could be but I think it’s to do with a lot of fraud with stolen contactless cards, even after its cancelled it still can be used, when I lost my Ulster Bank card some one had a field day with it up to two days after I called to have it cancelled spend £140 in that time and I couldn’t see any transaction because they don’t show pending transactions


September 19 is a long way away if the need is suddenly so urgent.

That is likely because that card didn’t force transactions online whenever possible like Monzo cards do. Requiring cards to do online transactions whenever possible seems like a much better and effective way to combat this fraud. The 5 transaction limit will just be irritating. :rage:


This is weird, five taps or £132 within what window? Not unlimited surely?

I think 5 taps in the same day and £132 could be whenever you reach that limit like say u only use your card for contactless a few time or hardly ever

I work in a supermarket and I do occasionally see the bank randomly block the contactless (double beep on the card machine) requiring the customer to put the card into the machine to verify the transaction.


People will find this fustrsting. Personally I think it should be left to the individual banks to decide what cap or tap limit they want depending on their risk


How stupid.

Monzo: Please tell the EU to f*** off and not implement this stupid rule.

(That’s assuming it’s the card that implements it, and not the terminal)


This would be a big problem for me, since I do most days completely contactless using my phone. I don’t even take me card/wallet out with me much anymore.

But it’s september 2019 and an EU rule so might not be an issue for us anyway


Same restriction if you use Apple Pay?

I’d hope not! Biometric is more secure than pins!

True but people who have it disabled still have to enter the phone pin (not a massive fan of fingerprint myself)


Hopefully not, as the security measure ( Fingerprint ) is there to stop illegitimate transactions

This would be a disaster for TfL. How are you meant to enter a PIN on a turnstile or touch unit?


@Liam_W Maybe Brexit will offer hope to get rid of endless rules and regulations. We often hear high level arguments on either side of the debate but it is these lower level rules that are likely to have a real effect on people’s lives.