Monzo has changed the way I save and manage my money. Can’t live without it

Before monzo I was struggling to save and couldn’t get to grips with all the the bills I had coming out. My friend then introduced me to monzo, I then split all my bills between 2 bank accounts. My monzo was strictly for spending/money left over and the other for only bills. I now am in complete control of my money. I honestly don’t know where I’d be if I didn’t find out about monzo. I just wanted to share my experience and tell you guys that you are making a massive impact in the banking industry and hope you guys accomplish everything you’ve wanted.


Congrats! Are you still using 2 bank accounts?


That’s really great, I’m happy it’s helped you so much. :blush: We’re all big fans here and for good reason, Monzo is fantastic.


Brilliant! I use my account similarly and have to agree :slight_smile:


Yes currently still using 2 bank accounts.