Shared tab messing up monthly targets

I have noticed what I think must be a bug that messes up spending budgets when a friend settles a shared tab from a previous month. Suppose that last month (September, say) I spent £100 in a restaurant and wanted to split this with my friend. So I add it to our shared tab. They can then pay their share (£50) when it suits them. Suppose also that my monthly target is £1000. Now imagine we’re at the start of the following month, October, and I’ve just spent £20 on my first day. My target will be showing £980 left of £1000. Now suppose that they decide to settle their debt of £50 in our shared tab. Presumably, this should not affect October’s monthly budget target, since this shared tab relates to money I spent in September. However, this is not the case. Once they settle the tab, my target goes back up to £1000 left of £1000. I can only assume this must be a bug since it makes no sense from a budgeting point of view. It would be nice to have it fixed.

Here are two screenshots that show the problem. If you look at my budget screen for the period 28/10-27/11 you’ll see I have spent £55 on eating out, £28 on groceries, etc., and yet my total spending is only £3. You’ll also see that under holidays, I’m £85 in credit, which is what is cancelling out those other spends. The problem is the ‘credit’ is from the previous budget period. It’s from a shared tab that we used last month. What caused the problem is that it was paid this month. But why should getting money back from something we did last month affect our budget for this month? It makes no sense and means the budget tool, which I usually rely on a lot, is useless to me this month.