Shared tab doesn’t show

Shared bill tab doesn’t show when you disable sharing contacts. I use the shared tab feature because it’s great but don’t want to share my contacts as it’s a gapping privacy hole. There’s no reason the 2 should be linked.
Details to reproduce:
Disable contact sharing
App Version:


It’s not a bug though, it’s how it was designed to work at the moment

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Is this the same thing? I can’t find the share tab anywhere, until I realised I’m using my Joint account. If is select my personal account and then the payments tab I do see it. This is a royal pain.

Shared tab is currently not available with Joint Account.
Works fine with my Personal account but there isn’t even the tab displayed in the JA

Joint <>Personal account parity…

Just encountered this!

I have an existing shared tab. I have installed Monzo on a new device where I do not want to share my contacts - not mine to share.

Now I know I have an existing shared tab, and Monzo knows I have an existing shared tab, so why hide it?

From my understanding it’s because currently shared tabs are only available because they match your contacts to Monzo accounts. For example, you can’t share a tab with someone that’s not Monzo and the list of people that the shared tab is populated with is people with Monzo from your contacts.

The two are interlinked, without one there can’t be the other.

IMO there’s every reason the two should be linked, how would it work otherwise?

The tab already exists (in my scenario at least). The connection already exists. Maybe it makes sense for new people, but not here.

It’s probably purely a situation that haven’t thought of. I’d try raising t through chat as well to get it recognised.

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