Shared payment tab missing info

Recently I have noticed that my shared payment tab has been looking blank.

It did start with bill splits missing, then shared tabs and finally it looks like this…

Have tried uninstalling, loging in and logging out… To no avail.

I am on the beta version of the android app.

Anyone else had this issue?

I’m on the beta Android app and mine shows subheadings under that tab and it says “none at the moment” under each one.

Something is amiss with your setup :thinking:

Strange… Logging out and logging in shows them… And once I move to a different tab and back… It goes again.

I’ve just tried this on my phone and couldn’t reproduce it. Very odd :confused:

Do you have any shared tabs or anything? If not what happens if you create one?

I’ve tried to reproduce this too (beta Android app v3.54.1) - I couldn’t reproduce even with a large number of quick tab-switching, the ‘Shared’ tab always displayed the expected information.

What I can do though is to make the Shared tab disappear completely by switching quickly, or slowly, to my Joint Account :rofl:

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I have a number of requests, bill splits and shared tabs… Maybe I have TOO many?

I’m experiencing the same issue for quite some time now.
My partner can still see our tabs in her app (iPhone user), really frustrating :disappointed:

I’ve raised a ticket in the chat and I’ve been directed to a specialist, let’s see how it goes

Ahhh interesting!

I am just glad it’s not JUST ME.

do you have a lot of bill splits/requests by any chance? Could be something about the amount of them

No, not at all…

I had this a few weeks ago but I thought that it was a temporary issue, maybe related to service maintenance, something like that.

But then I can’t see the tab anymore, like…never.

I had 2 massive shared tabs where I split groceries with my partner, but I closed it today and I still can’t see anything. :frowning_face:

What’s your device?

I’m using a Samsung S10+, Android 10 and Monzo on 3.55.1

Oh weird… What is weirder is that I have the exact same device as you and the same version…

Ok, I guess we’re seeing a pattern haha

Is there someone from the Monzo support team or a Monzo dev that we can tag in here to help us further investigate?

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hey @Peter_G, would it make sense to move this to the bug category?

Not sure if it would give a bit more visibility to the issue.

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Just tagging @AlanDoe so that Monzo is aware.


Cheers mate, thank you! :slight_smile:


@OllieFarnden my shared tab is appearing again today :raised_hands:

I’ll keep an eye on this to see if it was permanently fixed, but it’s definitely good to have it back :smiley:

Still broken for me ):

Do you have a lot of bill splits?
I’ve closed all mine, not sure if this triggered anything

I do have a lot… Though I can’t close them! :sweat:

Welp, the issue is back… I can’t see my shared tabs and bills :disappointed:

I’m having the same issue with 1 of the 3 of my tabs. Can’t see it, can’t pay it off, can’t leave it or close it! I don’t know what to do!