My app doesn’t have shared tabs

Am I being thick? I’d like to set up a shared tab, but it doesn’t seem to appear in my app. I’m on iOS. The docs say that it should be on the payments page, but I see nothing. Did they pull the feature or something? Have I got some buried setting disabled? Halp!

It’s still there - have you got payments with friends switched on?

Go to Payments in the bottom tab, then select “Payments” in the top switcher, then there should be the “Shared Tabs” section, with “CREATE NEW TAB” next the title :eyes:

How do you turn that on?

Depends which interface you’re using. But find settings from the home tab, go to privacy and security, profile privacy, and the setting should be there.

The exact settings you have there will again depend on which interface you have for shared payments. If it’s the new QR one like me, you’ll have two toggles under FIND PROFILE BY. Make sure phone number is toggled on.

It’s not there!

Are you in some kind of weird AB test?! :flushed:

Just to be clear are you meaning the privacy settings aren’t there, or the shared tabs thing on the payments app after making sure both are on?

This is what I see:

Do you have the option to create a shared tab on any of your card payments from your feed?

And finally if that’s not there either, joint or personal? iOS or android? Could be a parity thing.

The feature is there for me, so it certainly isn’t gone, so I’m a bit flummoxed as to why it’s not there for you.


The privacy setting wasn’t there. I did find the add to shared tab setting on a payment, so I’ve just started one from there. Shows up on other people’s phones now - but not mine :exploding_head:. But I started it!

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What do you see in the payments section when clicking it in the bottom bar?

Ok so I think I figured this out. Somewhat user error, and somewhat bad UI. I also can’t verify now 100% if there were additional issues, because I reinstalled the app on the advice of customer support. I use the joint account mostly and that’s set as my default. Shared tabs don’t show up in the payments tab if you are looking at the joint account. They probably should, even if they’re fundamentally tied to the individual account.