Shared Pots - where did it go!

What happened to this? There was a sneak peak so they must have been working on it to a certain point?

I love the idea of a shared pot so for trips with friends, buying a gift or a going out jar this would be brilliant.

Being able to save up with a friend (no joint account required & on the fly) would be brilliant.


Payments > Share ?



I am thinking more for saving, this is assuming the item is purchased. Shared Tabs is good but I want the ability to share the Pot the save together


I think Shared Pots would be really useful for collecting money to buy gifts or for group holidays (basically collecting money for anything too expensive for one person to spot the money up front then use a Shared Tab).

Dutch bank Bunq recently built a version of Shared Pots which looks really good.

You can see how it works here:

This feature gets my vote.


That is exactly what my suggestion is! :+1:t2:

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Definitely has its on use case compared to shared tabs… id use it for fittingly a holiday to iceland with my gf :joy:

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Would love this…

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I’m new to Monzo and couldn’t stop thinking about this last night… I came here to see if it had already been suggested and am glad to see it was being worked on. This would be an amazing feature… would love to know if it’s still in the pipeline.


I agree with everything above - it would be so useful for me to be able to save as a group. Currently I use PayPal Pools, which I find almost unusable, I’m sure Monzo will do a better job.

Is it currently being worked on or prioritised?

More votes increased the chance that Shared Pots get brought to the attention of Monzo staff. You can vote for this feature by scrolling to the top of the post and clicking the vote button at the top left.

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I’d die for this feature.

I’d also die if my partner desided to take all of the money from the shared pot :imp:

Don’t forget to vote for the feature at the top of the topic.

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Revolut have now built their version of Shared Pots:


Still no clarity over what happens legally to the funds if the Group Vault ‘owner’ dies.

I’ve just been through the setup process and no link or direction to Ts&Cs or FAQs.

So good luck with group saving.

Ah… Created my own thread on this topic before realising one already exists… Awkward :flushed:

Good to see its getting talked about!

The thing that Bunq has done is exactly what I would imagine it to look and feel like…

Monzo… you HAVE to do something like Bunq… that looks amazing!!!

Its a lovely implementation alright.

Just not a money maker so cant see them giving it too much attention :grimacing:

It is a network feature though so it would encourage customer growth and retention, which helps Monzo make money.


It would be really useful to be able to have a joint pot with an individual account, so everyone within a set group can deposit money in to the pot, and you can each see how much you have contributed easily. This is useful for all types of things, for saving for a holiday, paying bills in shared accommodation, etc. I understand you can do this with a Joint account already, but would be great to have the ability without having to sign up for a Joint account. With the ability to add more than one person to the pot even.

Another simple and quick example being, when in a relationship you may want to go on holiday or save for something together, but you may not be at the stage for a joint account yet, it would be great to have the ability to just pay in to a pot which you can both authorise any withdrawal from at any point, and be able to see how much each has contributed to the pot.

One more example; as a family of 5, we all put money in to a dog fund incase of any need for the vets etc. We all manually transfer money and eventually after a lot of admin it gets to the savings account, but only one person can see it. Again, if we could all share a pot, and see what we have each put in, it would be great and very handy!

This feature has already been suggested previously. You can vote for it here:

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