Joint Pots for personal accounts


Would it be possible to create joint pots for 2 individual accounts?
For example for 2 people+ going on a group holiday or partners who don’t want to have a joint account yet?

Not sure how feasible this would be.

Just a few things that spring to mind…

If it is a joint pot which account would the money belong to? Who would get the interest from it?

I think the more you dig into the logistics the more complicated and possibly unachievable it becomes?

Wasn’t this the shared bills pots idea that was floating around a while ago?

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I was thinking the Account creator will host the pot and invite partners to join.
Pot will then appear in everyone’s Monzo notifying how much has been deposited etc.
Host will be the only one that can withdraw, so other partners it’s locked.
Interest I’m unsure about the logistics around that.

I use shared tabs quite a bit with my gf and I’ve used the shared bill once, however lets say you were going on holiday for 4 I wouldn’t have £4000 available to pay for one holiday. I would rather be able to combine the total with my friends in a pot available to pay when the goal is reached.

Ahhh ok I get you now, thanks for that :slight_smile:

Sounds good. Perhaps it could tie in with another feature that has been requested and allow people to pay directly into pots too. If it used a system similar to then those who don’t have a Monzo account could pay in as well.

I wish there was a way to have the rounded up payments from mine and my husbands sole account be deposited into a pot connected with our joint account

This idea has already been suggested. You can vote for it here:

Thanks hopefully close this thread

As requested…

Discussion can continue in the thread linked above.