Shared Pots - where did it go!

Is this what Revolut span up the other day?

A good idea in theory, but my main worry would be around permissions and access

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I think Revolut’s implementation works well:

  • Person who creates the Shared Pot becomes an admin.

  • Only admins can withdraw from the Shared Pot.

If admins can make other people in the Shared Pot into admins, then I think the above would be a good implementation.

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Hey guys! It would be awesome if you could implement the shared pots feature. I currently use Revolut for saving money with my girlfriend. They have recently introduced shared vaults which is pretty much the equivalent to Monzo’s pots. It’s one of the only reasons stopping me from transferring my savings from Revolut to Monzo. Would be great if you could let us know if you’re still planning on adding this feature? Keep up the great work :grinning:

Already have got shared pots :wink:

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Shared pots would be great :tada:

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Hi all,

Apologies if this has been suggested already.
This idea came to me when trying to decide how myself and friends would place profits from individual businness ventures into one main account as a means to fund our ideas togther.

What are Social Pots?
It would work similiarly to normal pots but we would be able to create it with friends and save for a common purpose! We’d be able to see how much our friends or partners are saving, how close we are to goals and earn interest together. Social pressures and comparisons potentially would cause individuals within the group to become more efficient at saving due to the fear of withdrawing money when others are still holding strong.


Group holiday planning and saving would become much easier. Plus, we can see who is serious and who is not.

Saving together would allow you and your group to earn interest on higher amounts. This would obviously be based on equity.

Bring ideas to fruition. Save for investments or joint business ideas. Take out certain amounts with the approval of the majority.

I hope I explained this clearly and well. Any further ideas or critiscms on the topic is welcomed.

Thank you for readinge

Something like this?

They seem to have faded away as an idea for the moment.

Yea like that…

It would be cool to see this implemented.

Don’t use N26, but it makes me wonder. When will Monzo implement the Shared Pot feature? Revolut and N26 both have these features now.

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Interestingly, the implementation of this is that anyone can deposit into the Space, but anyone can withdraw all of the money. You hand over control of the funds to everyone.

Jury’s out whether this is genius or catastrophic, but then again I guess shared savers would face the same risk if they handed over their pooled savings to the control of just the Space ‘owner’. I guess my concern that if the owner is run over by a bus it makes everyone’s savings subject to probate, is countered.

I know millennials seem to be unable to do anything without pleading for their peers’ approval on social media, but I can’t understand wanting to pool saving in this way (trusted partners aside) – and there will certainly be funds stolen using this system.


Yeah. I can’t imagine any circumstance where I’d be prepared to use one, just for the woolly questions of ownership and access.

I’m not a millennial, since you mention them, but I doubt that really makes a difference…

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Shared Pots would be really useful for booking a group holiday/trip, where stuff like accomodation has to be made in one payment, or buying a gift for someone as a group.

If people see others paying into the Shared Pot, they’re more likely to get their act together and put their share in too.

It’s also more transparent than a bank account because people can see who’s withdrawn money from the Shared Pot and how much.


There are ways you could avoid money getting stolen, if you have put money into the Pot you then have to approve any withdrawal from.anyone who has access to the pot.

There needs to be a room here for common sense why would you start a shared pot with someone who is suspect enough to take your money?

I’m not to sure where the Millennials comment has risen from but not sure how it is relevant to wanting to save to go on a trip or pool money in from something

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What I’d prefer to have is individual Pots or accounts whose balances are still separate but are pooled for everyone in the group to see.

Something like:

Alison’s Pot £200
Brian’s Pot £200
Chris’s Pot £200
Danielle’s Pot £200
Eve’s Pot £200

I agree that there can be an incentive to saving together, but I think the shared control over all the funds is a mistake.

Are shared pots going ahead? I can see that a joint pot is available but i run a lotto syndicate with my friends and would like to put the winnings in the shared pot for everyone in the syndicate to view.

Is it possible to utilise the shared tab for incoming poayments rather than outgoing payments. I.e. if i put the winnings into the shared tab it shares them out equally?


Not at Monzo, as far as we know, at this time, this conversation was a result of them launching at N26.

It’s on the idea and feedback area so vote and so we shall see what happens.

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I was trying to find this feature today.

I would love to see a “fund” feature, a pot specifically designed as a group fund. For example for buying a group present for someone.

The way I see this working is:

  1. You share a link, which will pay money directly into the pot
  2. You can see who has contributed and how much
  3. You buy the item(s)
  4. You return any unspent money to the contributors (maybe relative to their input)

This would be super handy for group presents or other group expenses where you want to collect the money before buying it, rather than splitting it afterwards

Don’t Shared Tabs do this?