Settings/Privacy & Settings/Manage Apps fault

Unable to access linked apps page. Trying to remove stale links to credit report apps such as ClearScore.

Details to reproduce:
Click avatar/settings cog/Privacy & Security/ Manage Apps.

Message: there was a problem. Error getting user sessions.
Click Ok; grey screen with perpetual spinner in centre. Restart app to go back to Home Screen.

iOS 16.0.3

New iPhone 14 pro.

App Version:
4.52.1 #856


I can confirm this is an issue on Android too

@AlanDoe can you raise this with the appropriate people please :pray:


Works for me :eyes:

Manage apps page loads for me. I wonder if this is related to Flux. Did the people who it doesn’t work for use flux ever?

I removed it last week so that might be why mine works?

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Works for me too (:android:) - the Flux thing could be a clue. I removed the link last week upon news of the demise - and posted a reminder to do the same - maybe defunct app-links screw up this display?

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I get the same, never go into the screen though tbf, so no idea what I’ve got linked to it :rofl:

I have flux linked. Maybe that’s it :thinking:

I used them at some point, so yeah mine will still be there, I don’t think I’ve anything else.

Yes. I am a flux user. That was why I was trying to get to the linked apps to remove flux.

Not working here either on iOS and yes I was a flux user


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Maybe I can debug other issues for Monzo now that I’ve solved this one?

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Did you accidentally delete your solution? I can’t find it and I get this error too.

No solution, just identified the cause.

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Raised this with our teams - as soon as I’ve got an update I’ll jump back in here :+1:

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Thank you, @AlanDoe.


Issue should now be fixed - can we get people double check? :thinking:

Yup. Fixed for me. Kudos to Monzo for fixing it so quickly and thanks for escalating it @AlanDoe.