Stray Third-party app


The Settings / Privacy and Security / Manage Apps screen lists an ongoing session by PayPal even though I removed the linked card from my PayPal account a few weeks ago.

Details to reproduce:

  1. Link a Monzo card in PayPal
  2. Unlink the same card in PayPal

Third-party PayPal session “app” remains in the Manage Apps screen.

OS: iOS 16.2
Device: iPhone 14 Pro
App Version: 5.5.0 #868


Can you tap on it and remove access?

On Android, you can tap on the three dots to the right:

Then at the bottom of the screen there’s an option to remove access:

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Nope, can’t do anything to them on iOS. I’m sure you used to be able to?

(Also, things like this highlight how the settings/manage parts need to be combined. This menu wasn’t easy to find)


Are you on the new homepage or the old carousel? I found it really difficult to find in the old view but pretty easy in the new one.

Also: :scream:

Surely the whole point of this page to be able to disconnect your data if you need to?

New. But to start with I went to my account and manage, and thought it would be there. But once you’re in that deep, the avatar top left is replaced by the referral present icon instead.

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It’s a swipe gesture now! Like you do to delete emails and iMessages.

No discovery for it though, because it’s not an expected use in the Monzo. Pretty sure it’s the only screen that uses it. Took me a while to figure out how to get flux of there.


That’s about the only gesture I didn’t try!


Oh goodness! There’s no clue on that screen that that would be a thing!

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Oh wow. Thank you.

I didn’t think to perform that action because the bar doesn’t stretch from one end of the screen to another — like it does in GMail, say.


I like Barclays app, it exposes swipe actions in an animation that swipes the actions open and closes. To give a hint to people.

I wish that animation would be built in default into the UX widget. Some that it does it once, when app is opened / authenticated (like once a day).

Also I find open banking sessions weird. I found lots of lingering / duplicate sessions.

As if some access renewal, keeps them all alive like a chain.