Add Virtual Cards to Apple Wallet


Probably a fair niche request, but I recently lost my wallet so over the weekend I had no cards to use. It would be great if my virtual card could be added to Apple Wallet so I could buy stuff

Like I said, niche probably but hey ho

You can do this!?

Edit: if you look at your virtual card there should be an “add to G Pay” or “add to  Pay” (depending on phone) immediately below the card image.

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As above

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Tried multiple times and failed

Make sure you’re using the proper version of the app and not Testflight.

Just added the card above with no issues.

I’m just spitballing here but I’m going to assume that you also lost your debit card and have reported it lost and ordered a new one?

This could potentially be stopping you from adding a new card to Apple Pay because its never been done before?

I don’t know actually

I’ve just created a new virtual card and don’t have the option to add it to Apple Wallet anyway

Have you assigned it to a pot?

This is the first requirement before you can do so.


That could be easier, as by default the virtual card is paid from my account account, so doesn’t make much sense to then block that.

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So, I recently set this up for someone else and, um, I don’t think that it’s a very easy process. In fact, unless you’re pretty tech-savvy you’re never going to (a) know that this is possible or (b) actually make it through all the steps. It feels like there’s an end-to-end flow missing from the app.

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@simontaylor66 glad you got it sorted.

I agree, it’s super non easy to do it.

I have a virtual card assigned for Express Travel on the London Underground. However, when tapping in it does not work. I have to unlock my phone, and change it from the default payment card for other purchases. Does anyone else have this problem? iPhone 12 Pro Max btw.