Do virtual cards work in Apple Wallet?

Loving the new Monzo Plus and signed up straight away this morning.

I’ve already created a virtual card to direct all of my subscriptions too which, whenever I have to change cards, have to be updated. One thing that doesn’t appear to work, though, is Apple Wallet - I have to add it manually, as a real card doesn’t exist to be scanned, but it fails and says it can’t be added.

Is this a limitation of virtual cards in general or just the Monzo implementation? Any plans for this to work?

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Why would you want to? The card in your Apple Wallet is already a virtual card

I believe the intention of virutal cards tis to allow people to use it to shop on line and not share their real card number, a example of this would be a free trial or a subscption. I dont think its intended to be used in the real world.

But it takes payment from Monzo. If I change physical cards, I have to go in and set up a new one - hence the main point of virtual cards.

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You might be interested in turning on ‘Share Card Replacements’ in Labs. It’s a service/feature designed to update your card details with merchants if they change, though it only works for merchants who’ve decided to use it and since it’s still labs, I’m not sure how reliable it is. Definitely worth a try though!

Someone I know had it happen with Spotify recently. Their card (with another bank) was about to expire, but when they went to update the details it had already automatically updated. Definitely a handy system for some people.

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The answer to your question is no by the way.


My understanding is that Apple pay already works like a virtual card, in that the device ID presented to the merchant is not the same as the physical card, and it can vary each time the Apple Pay card is activated (I have a mifare reader in my office and can verify this).


It’s possible, but requires extra regulatory stuff to be done first. So it may happen.

revolut actually let you add your virtual card to apple pay, i thought it would be the same with monzo

I put a Monzo VC into Curve and I have Curve in Apple Wallet. Maybe a walk around to try?

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