Setting up direct debits?

When you set up a direct debit in a gym will it take a few days to show the merchant on the app ?

Just re joined and can’t see the gyms direct debit in the app

From the help:


Thanks dude

No problem, was awake and I know you get worried about these things.


Some companies take longer than others, I think some even might do the old paper-based way of setting up a Direct Debit and sent it to the bank!

I’ve recently moved a load of Direct Debits and setup new ones. Stripe and GoCardless were quick (within 48 hours). I’ve found the slowest so far are Credit Card companies.

Direct debit set up on Sunday , still not showing is that normal ? I’ll ask in the gym when I next go

I initially cancelled the direct debit when lockdown started . On Sunday they signed me back up but didn’t ask for any details as it was apparently already on their system

It can vary, sometimes I’ve had a notification a few days before sayings it’s been setup and sometimes it won’t appear until the moment the payment gets taken. I wouldn’t worry :slight_smile:

Chatted to Monzo and they said contact the gym as it should have come through by now. So I’ll have to pop down as soon as I can… Just got a message from the gyms agency who deal with their finances saying I’m “ in arrears “ of £57 even though member ship is £30 per month and I paid up front for this month via my card

Finally got it set up. Had to fill out a new membership form

This is the thing I hate the most about most Chain Gyms, they make it hard to cancel & restart…

Monzo has an excellent feature whereby you can set up a pot to pay your direct debits with. Making it much easier for me so i don’t have to make sure I have enough balance to pay for a direct debit

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