Direct debit help

So I went to cancel a direct debit that I should have with my gym as they take money out of my bank monthly but I went to cancel and it says that I don’t have a direct debit with them. So now they can carry on taking money out of my bank and I can’t stop them as apparently I don’t have a direct debit with them. Someone please help me I’ve found it so hard to find any help with Monzo they really lack on customer service…

Are you absolutely sure it’s a direct debit, and not a CPA?

In either case you should cancel it with the merchant.

Have you spoken to the gym?

You’ve likely signed up with your actual long card number. 1st step is to cancel the payment with the gym, if it’s a chain one they’ll have an online portal you can do this on. If it’s a local independent then maybe not.

Either way speak to them to get this cancelled, you may have to give notice if your in some kind of contract. If out of contract and they refuse to cancel then speak to Monzo as they can cancel the authority.

MSE have a useful guide you can read up on