Setting up a joint monzo account and it keeps glitching - any fixes?


I’m trying to set up a joint account with my partner. I can go through the different initial info screens up to the point where I’m asked who I want to set up my account with. I select my partner, select ‘Create Joint Account’, Face ID authentication is approved but then it stays on the same Create Join Account page and won’t progress any further. I keep selecting the same option, Face ID is used again and the same thing happens. This has been going on for a few weeks now every time I try, the same with my partner when they try.

Is this a known issue? Are there any fixes?


Have you tried turning Face ID off?

There’s also the usual, uninstall and reinstall of the app that sometimes fixes weird things like this.

I had this issue whilst using the TestFlight version instead of the official App Store iOS version.

If you’re iPhone, download the app from the App Store and install from there, and it should work. :crossed_fingers:t3:

If you’re using the App Store version, as above, try delete and reinstall the app.

Edit: turning off Face ID may also work (but I didn’t try this)

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