Bug to create a joint account

Since two weeks I’m trying to create a joint account from iOS and Andorid, and the application remains unresponsive. Explanation by steps:

At first both iOS and Android let you enter the onboarding part of the joint account, and at the end showed a message that it was not available at the moment that function and that if you wanted to be notified when it was available.

In android this casuistic continues.

In iOS after a week I received a notification saying that the joint account are activated. The process is similar, you complete the ombording, a list of monzo users appears, you select the user, a double check, face ID appears and you want to be on the same page, as if the button does not work.

OS: iPhoneX
Device: iOS 15.0
App Version: 4.9.0 #786

After reinstalling the app a proper message has been shown. Thanks

I keep getting errors, it stays on the screen after selecting the user with whom I want to share the account.

I have the issue again. The system is not telling me if I can have a joint or not. It gets stacked after checking face ID