Setting Incoming Transfers as Scheduled Payments

I was wondering if it were possible to add incoming transfers to committed spending and to exclude from my budget summary. the bills come out my account, and my housemates transfer me money each month to pay their share. they show up in my budget is income which warps how much its telling me I can spend. It would be useful to make these incoming payments scheduled so that they go against my committed spending and don’t interfere with my budgeting.

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We can’t do this at the moment, but so much this!

It’s much needed, especially with the new budgeting and account management tools in Trends.

cheeky cc to my blue circle brother @tjvr

Just change the inbound payment to the same as the bill category to make it balance.

I think @Carlo1460 is right, you can change the category in the incoming payment to match the outgoing transaction, so they net off.

It would be nice if we change the category automatically though, so you don’t have to do it yourself every month!


yes but it still counts positively against my budget though when they come in. unlike committed spending transactions that are excluded from it.

You can tap exclude from summary to exclude them from spending, or create a category to always exclude and then tag them as that created category (if Plus/Premium).

Otherwise as above. You’d have to net both off.