Incoming categorised money doesn’t affect summary

Hi there,

I have a few bits of incoming money (paid from friends), I’ve categorised them, but the summary doesn’t include the added money in the spending summary, so my “spending” is false. Is this ever going to be fixed? I’ve forced closed the app etc and checked repeated events that do the same last month.

To add, splitting a bill and having that paid does affect summary, just not a received amount categorised outside of bill splitting.

I’m on iOS app, iPhone X. App version 3.28.0 #625

I didn’t think summary included incoming payments? It only updates when the money hits your account :confused:

I could be wrong though :man_shrugging:

I’m assuming you have categorised it against a category within your budgets? I’m also assuming you have budgets set up?

I’ve received the money, it’s not just an incoming payment

Ive categorised it, but haven’t set budgets. I’m just looking at the spending summary tab. If I’ve spent £200 on groceries but someone sent me £50 and I categorised it as groceries, I only spent £150 on groceries, not £200

I think but not 100% sure, that only happens if you have set budgets against things.

Because you have spent £200 in total, unless you’ve bill split & tied it against it.

However, if you have a budget set of £200, then your budget is 50 remaining, because you’ve had 50 inbound against groceries.

But that’s not how life works.

If I give you £10, and you then pay me £10 back. I have not spent £10 for a spending summary!


Well, in theory, you have. You have spent £10.

Your budget for that is now at 0, but your spending summary – a summary of what you have spent – is correct.

This is how it’s built currently I believe.

Perhaps our view of how life works is different =]

I guess I’ve spent £10. But when looking at my spending at the end of the month, if I got that money back I wouldn’t classify the £10 as spent.

As an example, we did an Ocado order of £300, half of that was for our friends. They sent us the money (yes, I should have split the bill). Now our grocery spending looks like we spent £300, which just isn’t true.

Perhaps there should be an option on incoming money to add to purchase, or include in summary. There is an “exclude from summary”, why not have an “include in summary”?

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I don’t think so. I think your opinion of how this should work, vs how it actually works (which I’ve explained) is the problem. :slight_smile:

Personally, I don’t use the summary and instead have budgets set, which work as I expect based off my previous messages.