Budget and excluded payments


I buy shopping for a family member on a regular basis due to them being mostly housebound and then click “exclude payment from summary” as the payment is not to come out of my funds as they pay me back via faster payment within 24 hours. I do this several times a week so there’s quite a few of them of varying amounts.

i.e if my monthly budget is £850 and I keep getting transfers in for payments I’ve excluded, will it affect anything I should be aware of if I want to keep an accurate track of my money?

Hope that makes sense.

I have the same problem, and it really messes up my monthly budget.

It would be good to have the ability to make incoming payments act as a top-up to my monthly budget allowance.

As far as I can tell incoming payments don’t affect the monthly budget, where as all outgoings do, until the ‘exclude from summary’ switch is turned on.

As long as you make sure you switch this on for all your repaid payments, the budget should work fine.