Set Standing order until that pots balance is reached

Feature suggestion: It would be good if you could set up a standing order to a pot that would only action if the pot’s balance was below a certain amount; when the pot is over the set balance amount, then the standing order skips that payment.

Picture this example: You’re saving up for something you buy occasionally; for me, it’s razors for shaving my head. A pack of 8 costs £25 each time, and they last around 8 to 12 weeks. I’d like to set it so that £5 goes into the pot each week; when the £25 goal is hit (in 5 weeks), the standing order will see this and not action. However, when I take out the £25 to buy my razors the next day the payment is scheduled it sees that it’s below £25 so makes the transfer.

This could be good for other things like an emergency fund that only needs a certain value or for things like food shopping, Christmas or birthdays…

Yes, I know, you can do it manually every so often or even transfer the extra out of the pot now and again. I also get that this will not be a feature everyone would use, but it would still be useful for many people.