Automatic Payments until goal is achieved

Hi all,

I had an idea regarding automatic payments (in theory both for pots and standing orders). Under the Stop Repeating field there should be an option to stop the payments once a certain amount has been transferred. For Pots in theory, it could be as simple as a toggle to labelled “Stop once goal is reached” which could include rounding-down the last payment if necessary.
It could come in handy for those of us putting aside some money into a pot for a specific purachse.

Just my two pennies.




Very good idea and I did wonder if I would get a notification when I reach a goal and if it stopped automatically transferring money.

This is such a good idea!

I think what would be great is if it paused, rather than stopped. That way, if you had to dip into a pot the payments would start again to get you back up to target.


This is a great idea.

I’m setting up pots such as “car insurance” that I want to set up £50pm scheduled payment into with a goal of £500. But I might top it up if I have extra money at the end of the month.

It’d be great if the scheduled payment stopped once £500 was hit then restarted when I withdraw the £500 to renew the insurance.