Pot Waterfalls for savings priorities

I would love to able to set aside a certain amount of money so that it fills up one Pot until it hits the target amount, then fills the next, and the next. Maybe through sub-Pots or something like that? Then if I use the money in the first Pot, it goes back to filling it again until it hits the limit.

Example: I schedule £50 a month into my Waterfall Pot. Within that I have 3 goals: new phone, birthday money, and bike repairs

New phone has a goal of £200, birthday money £250 and bike repairs £500. The monthly £50 fills up new phone, then birthday money, and half of bike repairs, but then I use the new phone money. Bike repairs is paused until new phone is full again.

Once all three goals are met, I’m prompted to pause the scheduled payment until they go below the goal level again.


I do this manually in my starling account. An automatic function would be nice.

Not a bad idea I quite like it :slight_smile:

You could take this further and have your £50 divided and put equally into each pot. Either divided by 3 or some magic formula that works out percentage differences for each of your “sub pot” goals. So the split would be something like £30 for bike repairs, £15 for Birthday and £5 for new phone.

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I do like the idea of grouping pots with goals together. With features like the one you suggested as toggles. Would make saving up for things like holidays much more interesting. Pots for flights, hotel, spending money etc.

Possibly, although if you’re filling them simultaneously you might as well just use separate pots and smaller scheduled payments. I’m thinking more of sequential goals filled consecutively by the same scheduled payment.

Don’t get me wrong I understand your idea and I like it, just throwing another thought out there that popped into my head while reading yours :slight_smile:

I guess what I was referring to was more of a pyramid that allows you to put whatever amount of money into the “parent pot” (Birthday pot) and that is then split between the “children pots”. (wife and kids). This is either as a scheduled payment or just random deposits as and when you feel like it.

                       'Birthday Pots'
'Wife Birthday pot' - 'kid 1 Birthday pot' - 'Kid 2 Birthday pot'

So everyone is nice and equal :slight_smile:

Sorry if I’m hijacking, I’ll move it into it’s own topic if you would like?

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Nah, it’s okay! We’re brainstorming. Teamwork!

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Yes to this.

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Just woke up? :rofl:

Old thread :smile:

Most of my Pots are in a building society now.

Gone back to my old way of banking as Monzo not really progressed features on the basic account.

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Yes old thread.
Still a viable idea.


I might be to blame for that. I linked to it as a suggestion in another topic :grimacing:

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