Set Spending Limit on Monzo Plus Virtual Cards

I think that in practice it could work identical to if the debit card balance was used for the VC. Perhaps an option underneath the VC allowing you to select the source of income, be it the debit card balance or a pot, and how much can be taken out on a daily/weekly/monthly basis from said source. If you already established a spending limit from your debit balance, and went on to assign a pot to the VC, the change in the source of income would take precedent and ask you to create a new spending limit based on the new source. What do you think about that?

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Yeah quite possible indeed along that line perhaps.

Just use of VC Cards with a limit & Pots all in the mix start to complicate VC for users. Getting the correct balance/functionality for users will be a challenge on its own should these 2 got implemented.

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This feature is quite important, at least for me. I was planning on using these cards on online shops etc and would rather them not be able to drain all my funds for no good reason.

I was expecting this to be there already to be honest with you.

I think the consensus thus far has been that Monzo Plus is slightly underwhelming at the moment, so I hope things change.

I would hope that this is a step in the right direction really.

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