How to Set a Spending Limit on a Virtual Card?

Hello all,

I recently switched to Monzo and started using virtual cards for online shopping. However, I want to set a spending limit on it for security reasons. I’m having trouble finding how to do this in the app. Does anyone know how?

If this feature isn’t available, what’s the best alternative? I can create a limited pot and attach a virtual card to it. Does it makes sense?

If this feature doesn’t exist, the developers at Monzo should really consider implementing it. A spending limit is crucial for a virtual card.

You can assign a virtual card to a pot. You can’t set a spending limit.

If you’ve set a card to a Pot, any payments made outside of the balance in the Pot will decline thus meaning you have a limit.

Revolut is the alt where you can set monthly limits on any card.

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