Set a spending limit on a VC

I’ve just joined Monzo and I see there is an option to create virtual cards, but I can’t see a way of limiting the spending on them.

There are many cases in which I want to put my card details on a website and be sure that it can’t charge me more than £x, especially when it’s a website I haven’t used before or that I don’t trust. How is this not a feature yet? I feel that having virtual cards without this is of almost no use.

The only current workaround I see is creating a VC and the immediately deleting it after the first payment, but it’s a big hassle keeping creating and deleting VCs. One other workaround would be to have a special pot for “risky websites” and have a VC linked to it, but I can’t see how I could do this? (and the VC would obviously be limited to the money in that pot).

Just for reference, Revolut has this feature and it works flawlessly. Not sure I can give it up for joining Monzo.

Hi. If you have a search in this section that are numerous threads about improving the usability of a virtual card.

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