Setting transaction limits as of when

This may be a thing already but I can’t seem to find it. This also may not be practical in the eyes of other people so let me know if It’s absurd or not.

I think it would be really useful if you could set a limit on transactions. This could be done per transaction, for example you could ask someone to use your card to buy something but they can only spend up to ‘x’ amount because of a limit you just set on the app.

So essentially it’s a custom limit which would override the £30 contactless limit but you can set it to like £10 if you wanted.


I understand the concept and it may have some merit if there’s other examples you have in mind, however permitting others to use your card is very much not encouraged so this may not be the best example to use to pitch your idea!

In that suggestion we’d hope that the other person would also have a Monzo card and you could just instantly send the amount to their card rather than giving them your own :+1:

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A cool idea way down the line could be to link a card with a pot.

Then again if I had children I’d probably want them to have their own Monzo account and start learning the value of money for themselves! It’s having a bank from 11 that taught me.

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