Set limits to spend in individual shops

(Mr Samuel David Toomey) #1

Not sure it it is already in place but I can’t find it on the app. I know you can set monthly budgets and how much you want to spend in each category (groceries, transport etc).
I was thinking of an option to select a retailer e.g. Tesco and set a limit you would ideally like to spend there a week, fortnight, month. And receive a notification if you are nearly about to go over your limit.
Again not sure if this is already an option in the app, if it is I would appreciate being told how to!
Think Monzo is great so far (only used twice!)

(Alex Sherwood) #2

That’s not a feature of the app at the moment :slight_smile:

Could you talk us through how this would benefit you vs using targets, which have the functionality that you’re requesting but apply to all spend in a particular category, rather than merchant?