Weekly spending allowances

Hi all, new to the Monzo Community but have been a Monzo user for around 2/3 years.

My partner and I get cash out on a weekly basis as we find it useful to keep on track of what we have left for that week etc. I was trying to find if there was anything possible within the app where you can set a spending limit for the week and you get a notification once a day and after you pay (like we already do) saying what we have spent and what we have left and then get warning when you get close (would be good if this could be edited). For example, if I set my spending allowance for the week at £200, have a warning at £50 so I am aware when I am getting close and everytime I buy something I’ll get a message saying “£30 spent at Burger King, £170 remaining” and a daily alert to show what is left.

Also have it shown within the iOS widget things.

:man_shrugging: Just an idea but I know I would then use my card a lot more rather than just get cash out of my other accounts.



If I understand correctly, you essentially want budgets to work weekly? As the current budgets system does everything you’ve described but is only monthly.

If so, you can vote for it here :slight_smile:

That sounds exactly what I’d like.

Thank you.

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Sounds perfect