Set A Spending Budget

It would be really helpful if there was an option to set a weekly spending budget using Mondo. Alerts could be sent when you are about to go over your set budget for that week. It would certainly help me save faster! :slight_smile:


Hi Natalie, thanks for the suggestion! This is something we’re looking at at the moment. Where in the app would you expect to be able to set budgets?

The tricky bit is to find the right balance between giving users that want that lots of control and keeping it simple enough to not bother people that don’t care about budgeting.

Do you currently use any other budgeting app?


I currently set a monthly budget within the notes of my phone - i.e food £x.xx, cinema £x.xx etc - for everything I have planned in the upcoming month. I then minus from each category as and when I spend, update the total and compare to the balance in my account. If it was possible to track this expenditure against usage in Mondo that would be amazing - but even to just have this budget list sit in the app would make cross referencing so much easier!

sounds a bit like what you want ?

This all sounds great. Any idea when it’s going to be released?

It’s in version 1.7 of the app so todays update is probably as close as we’re going to get :grimacing: