Sent Payment to wrong account

Hi Any help will be helpful and appreciated. I have sent a payment to a wrong account.

Get in touch with Monzo.

whats the best way?
can only see the chat

Type “sent payment to wrong account” in the help search box.

ive just found that page and replied. it goes to the chap thread.

0800 802 1281

Chat in the app is your best and fastest route.

You can get in touch by tapping the “Get In Touch” button. They’ve put that there because it’s the best way to get in touch.

been waiting for a reply for over 40mins

It can take a few hours depending on how urgent the app thinks your query is – it decides based on which help article you used to get to chat, I think

You can always open the transaction and at the bottom click “something wrong? Get help”. That should be the fastest option through to chat