Wrong account number quoted on payment from Monzo to my other personal bank account

I received notification of a Remittance from friends Monzo account and put wrong account number in the details of the receiving co-op bank account. Co-op bank advise that I have to contact Monzo to correct this mistake. Please help

Contact Monzo. help@monzo.com or the in app chat (if you can find it)

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You need to contact Monzo then via phone, email or in app.

This forum is just for customers, Monzo can’t help with this here.

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and to find help you go onto the main page of your app , press the transaction and you should be able to scroll to the bottom and press “something wrong” which will take you to chat

Just search for “A bank transfer I sent hasn’t arrived”.

“I sent money to wrong person” Also works.

Or, “Speak to someone”

Or, select the transaction and choose “Something Wrong? Get help.”

(You should only be emailing, or phoning if you don’t have access to your account - mostly because it’s easier for them to verify you and locate the transaction when you go through the app).

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Can’t find how to contact Monzo in app or by email or phone

can you find the transaction in your app feed ?

I gave you the email address and @redshift provided even more comprehensive help.

Good luck.

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I received notification that friend was trying to pay me and selected option for funds to go another bank account. Therefore transaction does not appear in my app feed

I thought/ assumed you had sent it to the wrong account number at the coop from your Monzo account - would it not need a transaction to be in your Monzo account before forwarding to your coop account ?

have you sent the money to the coop through your Monzo account ?

I didnt realise there was an option for a friend to send you money to your Monzo account and for you to choose which bank account you wanted it to go into before it even arrived in your Monzo account …hmmmmm

Certainly won’t do it again, but that doesn’t help me right now
If I can’t tap on the transaction, does that mean the money is lost?
Coop Bank will not disclose if they even hold an account with that number, but the number and name don’t match. They don’t seem to have an account payee confirmation system for ensuring that name and number match…

Yeah me neither. This is alarming :confused:

Hopefully the OP can elaborate

What’s OP?

Original poster (you) sorry :sweat_smile:

well if there is no transaction in your feed , you never had the money in the first place entering your Monzo account , so you couldn’t transfer it ?

anyway to get help - have you a question mark on the bottom right hand side of the app (iOS ) … press that … then type in any of the suggestions from here in the search box

So you got a notification from your Monzo account that your friend had paid you money from their Monzo account, and from that notification you were able to transfer the money to your Co-op account. There is no sign of the transfer in the feed of your Monzo account. Is that what you’re telling us?

Because that’s not a feature I’m aware of.

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I dont quite understand this either

I received notification that friend was trying to pay me and selected option for funds to go another bank account. Therefore transaction does not appear in my app feed

trying, or had paid you ? I dont think you get a notification of someone "trying " to pay you in the Monzo app - well at least Ive never had one - if they had paid you, then you would get a notification and it would presumably appear in your feed, doesnt hang in limbo for you to decide what to do with it , what does your friends account say, do they have a transaction to you in their feed ?

This is very peculiar. Something’s not adding up. :thinking:

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Thanks Johnny. This msg took a while to come through

Again, something you’ve said that makes little sense. That’s not how this forum software works. :roll_eyes: