[iOS] Sending money to someone from a previous received monzo.me payment

Issue: Sending money to someone who isn’t a contact, but who previously transferred money to me, the error says “Problem, sorry, there was a problem sending money. Please try again in a minute.” have tried a few times.

Details to reproduce:

  1. Search for Anna (in my case)
  2. Go to the previous transfer, click ‘Send money to Anna’
  3. Add amount and note (also fails without a note)
  4. Add PIN
  5. Error message above appears

OS: 12.4
Device: iPhone 8
App Version: 2.56.0 #543 / 2.57.0 #545 (retested, still broken)


How was the money received? Monzo.me or bank transfer?

If it was monzo.me then this can’t work because Monzo has no bank details to transfer money to. The message thus needs updating (discussed elsewhere Sending money error message).

If it was a bank transfer then this is a different problem.

Correct, it was through a Monzo.me.
The other tread you linked covers this off.
Just need to update the message :smile:

Thanks @Feathers