Send Money to Android users


I know it is not possible yet to send money to contacts from the Android app, but is it possible to send money from the iPhone app to a contact using the Android version?


I don’t see why not, as they have an account. However I am only assuming it is as easy as that!


It tells me that the user has not enabled payment yet.
Not sure if that could only be done from the app when the functionality is available or could be done by :monzo: support team.


I have that with a contact who has an iPhone. I believe it is because they need to verify their identity and get the limits on their account raised.

(Tristan Thomas) #5

Hey Nizar, yep totally possible to send money to Android! Ask your friend to get in touch with us through the app so we can verify their identity :slight_smile:

I want to know who I send cash to in the "Send" tab
(Sean Pearce) #6

Yes, my iPhone using colleage sent me money yesterday :slight_smile: