Android send money feedback

My other half has just got a Monzo card, I decided to send her some money to see just how convenient it is, she did not appear as a Monzo contact because I had her in the phone by a short name rather than her given name. Once I renamed the contact it worked fine.

The name she was in my phone as is the one she goes by day to day, would it be a good idea to also find matches by telephone number or email address to avoid this issue?

I also got my girlfriend a Monzo card recently and had the same issue on my android phone. I didn’t change her name though but got her to send me some money first (from her iPhone) which then made her name appear in my “send money” list. Possibly an issue with syncing contacts on the android version?

I’ve just cleared the data of the app and changed the name back before opening it again. The contact shows up fine now.


It wasn’t anything to do with the name… my girlfriend shows up fine in my Monzo Contacts and her name in my contacts is far too sickly-sweet to be mentioned here.

Instead it’s a case of whether they had sending money enabled. On Android there’s no manual option to enable it but it turns on the fine time you bring up the list of contacts to send money to! Once you went in to send it to her (and couldn’t find her) it enabled it for you, therefore she could see you to send money to. She didn’t actually need to send you money but at that point it was enabled for her so you could subsequently see her!

I think it works broadly similar on iOS but there’s also a setting to turn it on/off manually.

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